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About Us

Quality American Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Since 1979

Since 1979, our company’s goal has been to achieve the utmost in customer satisfaction while offering flexible contract manufacturing solutions to serve a diverse range of production applications. Whether the project is a custom process chamber assembly for the semiconductor industry or a precision machined component for an aerospace company, GPR provides its customers with competitive pricing, superior quality, and exceptional service.

As a result, we have a loyal nationwide customer base as one of America’s leading providers of semiconductor process chambers and vacuum chambers, as well as CNC machining services for precision aeronautics applications.

From Garage Shop to Industrial Production Facility

GPR building

GPR was founded in 1979 with 500 dollars in the garage of George G. Verhoest, the father of GPR founding members George, Paul, and Richard. The company’s original goal was to build high-performance steering boxes for the racing community – an industry in which the owners were already heavily involved.

The company found success and soon began to seek new manufacturing opportunities to fill the shop’s open spindle time. Through word of mouth GPR quickly began to succeed in new industries, which led to taking on an expanded employee base as well as a larger production space.

Spearheading the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Space

In 1984, GPR was presented an opportunity to partner with the leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer on a custom vacuum chamber for the emerging semiconductor industry. GPR capitalized upon this success to springboard into the industry, quickly growing into one of the nation’s top manufacturers of vacuum chambers and process components.

Looking to the future, GPR continues to grow with eyes on new technology and increased space. GPR strives for cost reduction while decreasing lead times through optimized machining and inspection processes spearheaded via our Quality Management System.


Our Commitment to Superior Quality and Customer Service:

  • To be an industry leader by supplying our customers with the highest quality product.
  • To excel by understanding, at the outset of a project, the specifications and challenges inherent in each job and how they impact the finished product.
  • To assure our customers the most reasonable prices while maintaining high standards of efficiency and technological excellence.
  • To place a high priority on timely deliveries with respect for the profit and business objectives of our customers.
  • To respond to all customers in the same professional manner, appreciating their uniqueness, and offering knowledge and expertise when needed.