From prototype through production, the GPR Company skillfully manufactures parts of the highest quality, while working to assure on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Whether it is a complex medical instrument, or an intricate component for the semiconductor industry, attention to detail and quality remain our primary focus.


Regardless of the material; stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, or, for that matter, virtually any exotic material, our broad range of state-of-the-art equipment gives us the flexibility to manufacture parts of almost any configuration, size, or weight.


With the capability of working with solid modeling, utilizing both Solid Works and AutoCAD, we seamlessly generate the CAM program, while concurrently the set-up is being completed at the machining center. With 29 CNC machining centers, we have the necessary equipment to satisfy your requirements. Our skilled staff of programmers and machinists gives GPR the flexibility of responding to the demands of producing the first piece in a timely manner. Then once the first article is approved by our inspection department, and if desired, by your inspection department, our production staff stands ready to produce the necessary quantity to fulfill your order.


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Precision machining
Aluminum Housing - Silver Plated
Precision machining
Backplane Heater - Dock to Stock

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