Full Time

GPR Company, Inc. Fairfield, NJ

Role and Responsibilities

The most important duty of the Pickup and Delivery Driver is to drive safely to and from their destination. Drivers are also often expected to help with the loading and unloading of their products, keep logs of their activities and make sure their vehicles are maintained in good working order.


This is a full time position. Key duties/responsibilities of the Pickup and Delivery Driver, including, but not limited to: 

·      Delivery driver is responsible for the paperwork concerning all deliveries and pickups made. 

·      Check company vehicle’s brakes, controls, fuel content, etc. on a daily basis before starting out. 

·       Should be capable of handling his vehicle and perform minor maintenance and repair if needed. 

·      Must be punctual and stringent about timings and make no delay in deliveries. 

·      Delivery drivers must be prepared to work in any traffic, weather and timing according to his employer’s business needs. 

·      Should generally assist in loading and unloading goods onto/off the company’s vehicle. 

·      When not making deliveries or pickups must be prepared to work in and around machine shop area, as directed. 

·      Demonstrate practical knowledge of Good Machining Practices (GMP). 

·      Be respectful and a team player with co-workers. 

·      Maintain and provide support to all 5-S program initiatives. 

·      Ensure compliance to workplace policies according to safety objectives and procedures. 


Qualifications and Education Requirements

Minimum Education: 

·         High school degree or equivalent GED.

·         Must maintain a valid driver’s license without violations.


Minimum Qualifications:  

·         Must be friendly and courteous towards the company’s customers and suppliers. 

·         Must take care of goods during transit and ensure zero damage. 

·         Must be an adept driver and should always abide by all traffic rules.

·         Should have good interpretational skills and should be able to read road maps efficiently.


 If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, kindly send your resume via email to or by fax to 973-747-3212


GPR Company, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer