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Our Facilities

GPR Company’s state-of-the-art facilities comprise over 40,000 square feet of optimized production space. Outfitted with a complete range of highly capable CNC machining technology, precision fabrication equipment, and advanced engineering systems, GPR is capable of streamlining your custom contract manufacturing project entirely in-house.

Our Commitment to Quality and Precision

Today, all too frequently, the term “quality” is used casually throughout the manufacturing industry. At GPR, we understand that the place where quality truly shows through is in the final product. That is where we at the GPR Company have the most pride.

When we commit to a customer, we become committed to refining your product through enhancements to both the engineering and production process. That responsibility is reflected in our state-of-the-art equipment, responsiveness, as well as the caliber of our team. We partner with you to produce the highest quality parts possible and to deliver them on time.

Moreover, our collective mission is to become your most reliable source for outsourcing needs. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with accurate quotations for upcoming work.

Powered by Advanced CNC Machining Systems and State-of-the-Art Production Technology

From CNC machining centers to manual equipment, GPR has the latest in cutting-edge machinery to fulfill your contract manufacturing needs.

Visit our Equipment List page or download a PDF file of our Equipment List for a full rundown of GPR’s state-of-the-art production technology.