GPR gains ISO 9001-2015 certification


   GPR has become ISO 9001-2015 certified. This is the latest in our longstanding tradition of commitment to quality, continual improvement and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.   

"Ramp Readiness Award" presented to GPR


    GPR was presented with the "Ramp Readiness Award" by a leading semiconductor equipment company. This award is in recognition for outstanding achievement in supplying up to 20 vacuum chambers per week during the customer's year long high level demand.  By identifying the necessary ingredients for success early, GPR was able to provide the ongoing support to seamlessly supply cleanroom ready product to two locations; one domestic and one in Asia.

Accounting firm wants you to meet their client, GPR


     Owners George, Paul and Richard Verhoest have been guiding this family-owned company since its inception in 1979.  Over the last three and a half decades there have been many ups and downs, but even in the current challenging economic environment, GPR is successsful and profitable at a time when many other companies are not.  Read more by clicking the download link.

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Manufacturing News article spotlights GPR


     With the plethora of challenges facing today's American manufacturer, keeping abreast of new technology can prove to be a time-consuming and costly process.  Many companies simply do not have the manpower to dedicate a full-time employee to tracking, testing and implementing innovative products, but failing to do so can result in a competitive disadvantage.  Fortunately, some suppliers are helping to shoulder the burden by offering more comprehensive service to their customers.  Read more by clicking the download link.


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NJTMA Newsletter highlights GPR


     Back in 1979, three brothers - George, Paul and Rick Verhoest - saw the potential in servicing the semiconductor industry.  They had a history  that informed their vision, since their father had his own machining business where the brothers, who later became partners, learned the basics of running a production operation.  Read more by clicking the download link.

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