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Quality Assurance

GPR is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company

We manage every aspect of your job from material purchase and document control, through sub-contract finishing and final inspection. When required, complete build books are supplied to the customer. Also, inspection documentation is maintained for traceability back to individual material lots if required. Of course, first article inspection is an important ingredient with any new project. Inasmuch, such inspections are performed on all new parts and complete FAI reports can be supplied as needed.

GPR performs in-house leak checking for vacuum chambers and vacuum components. Also, we have the ability to provide RGA reports when required as well as perform more elaborate high vacuum testing and reporting.

In cases where high level inspection is required, we can perform specific customer driven inspections and provide the necessary documentation to meet the most stringent standards.

From your company to ours, the exchange of important information is seamless with high speed internet and our own FTP site for exchange of large files which cannot be emailed. All this makes for ease of doing business for the utmost convenience and the efficient management of your project.

Contact us to explore how GPR can assist your company.