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Precision Fabrication Services From Prototype to Production

GPR Company delivers precision fabrication solutions for some of the industry’s most challenging production applications. Our innovative manufacturing expertise spans from complex aerospace parts and assemblies to state-of-the-art process chamber components.

Our combined 40,000 square-foot facilities integrate a full-service CNC machining and fabrication department to streamline the production of your products entirely in-house. GPR is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American contract manufacturer dedicated to providing uncompromising quality and consistency through all of our custom fabrication services.

Lights-Out Automated Manufacturing for Custom Fabrication Projects

GPR offers lights-out, around-the-clock manufacturing solutions to meet the high-volume and/or rapid turnaround demands of your industrial fabrication project.

Our precision machining department has 28 CNC machines at its disposal, a number of which are integrated with robotically-fed pallet systems to support 24/7 operation. We can also provide sustainable engineering services to refine your fabricated product designs for streamlined production through our automated machining centers.

Versatile Material Solutions for Your Fabrication Project

No matter what specialized material is required for your custom fabrication project, GPR is fully equipped to deliver the quality, consistency, and performance that your precision fabrications demand. We have the capability to machine custom fabrications in virtually any size or configuration, including complex assembly products.

GPR’s fabrication department offers extensive experience in the manufacturing of a diverse range of metals and quality engineering materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Other specialized exotic materials

Superior American Fabrication Services Since 1979

Based out of Fairfield, New Jersey, GPR operates one of the greater Mid-Atlantic region’s leading precision fabrication shops. Founded in 1979, we have remained committed to delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction through offering a complete range of responsive in-house manufacturing services. From complex fabricated aerospace parts to semiconductor equipment and industrial projects, GPR strives to offer every customer fair pricing combined with unbeatable quality and service.