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The Advantages of American Contract Manufacturing Services – Quality and Sustainability

When it comes to precision fabrication and CNC machining services, “made in the USA” is virtually synonymous with higher quality products and improved sustainability. Compared to overseas providers, experienced domestic contract manufacturers such as GPR Company are often able to deliver more consistent products and reduced lead times. This is largely a result of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control program and streamlined supply chain.

In spite of the advantages of American manufacturing, many US-based sellers rely on offshore providers because of the perceived cost savings. After all, material and labor costs can be much cheaper when you contract with an offshore machine shop. However, if you factor in all of the potential quality control issues, production delays, and unpredictable shipping costs, domestic manufacturing services start to look like the better, more reliable option.

The Drawbacks of Offshoring Your Machining and Fabrication Services

A single unforeseen supply chain issue can derail your entire project. This was a difficult lesson that many domestic companies learned through the pandemic or in the post-COVID manufacturing landscape. Relying on an overseas machine shop makes you more vulnerable to any number of supply chain issues.

There’s also the issue of communication to consider: American contract manufacturers will generally be much more responsive to your needs, easier to collaborate with, and more committed to outstanding customer service.

Four Benefits of Contracting with a US-Based CNC Machining Service Provider

Onshoring to Ensure Improved Quality, Consistency, and Efficiency

Contracting a US-based CNC machine shop helps ensure that your products are manufactured according to all specifications and delivered on time according to your production schedule. Furthermore, engineering service providers such as GPR can also offer design assistance which helps you refine and optimize your products for manufacturability.

Solving Your Supply Chain Issues and Simplifying Your Logistics

Onshoring your contract manufacturing services can also help you avoid a lot of the logistical issues which have disrupted so many domestic sellers over the last few years. Our team can help you efficiently develop your production planning to bolster the long-term success of your project. Compared to many overseas providers, we are able to offer a more reliable source of product deliveries – on time and produced to your specifications.

Reduced Shipping Costs and Turnaround Times

International shipping has always been a major cost that has to be factored into virtually every project. However, with prices remaining relatively high, the cost-savings you once received through contracting overshores providers is eaten away by the cost of shipping your products to your door.

Moreover, shipping delays and port shutdowns can suddenly leave your business with no inventory. GPR Company utilizes a reliable vendor network to help minimize your shipping costs, freeing up more of your budget for developing and machining your products.

Quality Certified Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions

The quality and consistency of your products will ultimately determine the success of your business. Whether you choose a US-based machine shop or an overseas provider, it’s imperative to find a reliable manufacturing firm that is certified to deliver the precision results they promise.

GPR is an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer specializing in custom CNC machining for complex projects such as custom vacuum chamber manufacturing. Our robust quality control system and ample experience guarantee that GPR can deliver the superior quality that your precision products deserve.

A Single-Source Engineering and Manufacturing Provider

GPR Company is an experienced American contract manufacturer located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop is integrated with some of the industry’s most capable and efficient automated manufacturing systems. Combining the latest production technology with our team’s innovation and craftsmanship has set GPR apart from our competitors since 1979.